Ecological product made of natural ingredients, intended for aromatization beekeeping equipment.

Extract of medicinal herbs (mint, thymus, etc.)

Aromatizes and balances odors in the hive
Calms bees
Repels ants
Does not accumulate in honey and wax
Soothes bees
15-30 min before combining colonies (swarms) soak a cloth with Apiarom and lay it into the bottom of the hive (the cloth should be 10×10 cm and absorb about 10 ml of the solution). After that, the colony is sprayed with Apiarom. Bees, going to the hive, combine. After 24 hours, the cloth is removed from the hive.
Apiarom is used for
Combining bee colonies in order to calm the bees, which facilitates the beekeeper's
work and reduces time
Facilitating the unification of the swarm/nucleus with the colony (bees unite more «peacefully», which helps to avoid their loss)
Inspection at medical gatherings to calm bee colonies (instead of smoke)
Planting queen bees to equalize the smell of the colony
Dosage and use
15-30 min before combining colonies (swarms) soak a cloth with Apiarom and lay it into the bottom of the hive (the cloth should be 10x10 cm and absorb about 10 ml of the solution). After that, the colony is sprayed with Apiarom. Bees, going to the hive, combine. After 24 hours, the cloth is removed from the hive
This provides aromatization and odour alignment in the hive.
Hanging swarm is treated with Apiarom (about 10 ml of the solution is added to the water so that it does not fly away) before shaking and immediately before combining the colony.
Before examining the bee colony, the palms are treated with Apiarom to prevent bee stings.
The drug is used instead of smoke. During the inspection of bee colonies, it is possible to process the combs from above, then the bees calm down and descend, after which you can safely carry out a survey or take honeycomb.
Benefits of use
The solution is ready for use, does not require dilution!
Ecological product, there is no carenthia period.
It does not accumulate in honey and other bee products.
It is made of high-quality natural ingredients in accordance with sanitary and hygienic requirements.
There is no carenthia period. All ingredients of Apiarom are absolutely safe for people, bees and do not affect the quality of products. The components of the drug do not require the determination of the maximum residues level (MRL) in products of animal origin, including honey according to Directive II of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2377/90.
The residues of these ingredients do not pose a toxicological risk in honey or other beekeeping products. Therefore, Apiarom can also be used without restrictions in organic beekeeping in accordance with Annex EEC 2092/91.
Replacement of the bee queen
with the use of Apiarom
First you need to find a queen bee, catch it and transfer it to a queen bee box, if it will still be used, or eliminate it.
Then soak the cloth of 10x10cm. with Apiarom so that it is a little damp and put on the bottom of the hive to the orphaned colony.
After 20-30 minutes, the new queen is planted in a queen bee box between the honeycombs.
Before that, bees should be able to access the cell compartment with food so that they can release the queen bee (depending on the design of the cell).
The cell with the queen bee is also lightly sprayed with Apiarom for 10-15 minutes before being placed in the hive.
Two methods to combine a swarm
with a colony or weak colonies.
Method 1
Method 1
For 15-30 minutes before unification, the cloth is soaked with an Apiarom and placed on the bottom of the hive. The colony (swarm), which is attached, sprayed with Apiarom and after 5-10 minutes poured in front of the bee entrance on a canvas with a bridge (maybe a board or an inner cover) to the bee entrance. Bees enter the hive and combine. Do not forget to control the presence of queen bees.
Method 2
Method 2
For 15-30 minutes before unification, it is necessary to spray the bottom of the hive 2-3 times through the bee entrance. At the same time, the colony (swarm) that is being united is sprayed with Apiarom. After 10-15 minutes, bees are poured on a wide landing board. Bees enter the hive and unite. Do not forget to control the presence of queens.
Request a callback
Request a callback
The surface of the solution may appear secretions that do not affect the quality of the product.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Storage conditions: Store in a dry, cool, inaccessible place for children (at a temperature not higher than +25°C).
Packing: plastic container with sprayer, 500 ml.
Capacity address: STARVET SP. Z O.O. 32-400, Myƛlenice, Józefa Wybickiego Str. 35/6,
e-mail: info@apiarom.pl

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